Undergrad Courses Taught

  • MCO436 Digital Audience Research and Behavior: This course is a digital method course, which overviews social research methods that are useful to gain audience insights. Along the traditional methods, it overviews the recent trends in computation; digital trace-based research; and online experiment.
  • MCO494 Digital Media, Technology, and Social Issues: The course overviews our life in networked society; opportunities and challenges to our society due to technology
  • COM459 Theory and Methods of Social Media Network:Students learn about networked individualism, along with hands-on learning of basic social network analytic concepts and analysis of small-scale social media data.
  • COM457 New Media (and Society): Students review the contemporary social, cultural, political issues surrounding the rise of new communication technologies, including issue of networking, online human relationships, trust in automation, copyrights, and surveillance and privacy in big data era, etc.
  • COM310 Technical Communication (@Drexel Univ.): Learning how to write effectively for research/technical documents
  • COM 150 Mass Media and Society (@ Drexel Univ.): Survey the history of the development of mass media and theories on mass communication and journalism.’
  • COM120 Intro to the Internet (@Unv. at Buffalo): Survey of the history and architecture of the Internet and the current issues surrounding online communication.
  • COM101/COM111 Intro to Communication (@ Drexl Univ., @ Univ. at Buffalo): Basic theories of human and interpersonal communication

Graduate Courses Taught

  • COM570 Advocacy in Social Context (subtitled “Connected actions”): Seminar course about social network theories and the application of network-based perspectives to understand various advocacy issues.
  • COM598 Social Media and Social Change: Theoretical reviews on the rise of alternative logic of collective actions and discussions about the role of technologies in paradigm shift in advocacy and activism; the newly emergent advocacy issues surrounding technologies.
  • COM570 Current Trend in Social Media Research (@ Drexel Univ.) : Reviews of contemporary research on online social networks and social media.