Welcome :)

I’m a believer in de Tocqueville’s well-known axiom that conversation is the soul of democratic society. As a communication scholar, I find the axiom inspiring because it underscores the role of *quality* communication in sustaining a community/society as a collective entity. Especially as a researcher specializing in digitally mediated social interactions, I consider it a meaningful task to understand how new media environment promotes –or constrains – open-mindedness and  and community building. With the recent advancement of online social networks, I have conducted various empirical studies that uncover socio-digital conditions for online collective actions and behaviors,  improvised public opinions, emotional contagion and information diffusion. I’m an interdisciplinary scholar, having worked with different academic fields such as management information system, computer sciences, mathematics, and sociology.

That said, my nonacademic self is way far from the geek culture. In my free time, I love doing non-digital stuff — meditation, hand-letter writing, reading a book with the smell of hard copy paper, skiing, hiking, and listening to analog radio. The front page image above is the tune-in radio that I enjoy listening to – a gift from one of my precious friends.